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+++Race Protokoll+++


+++Suslova successful at Neo-Seniors 1.500+++

Russian Veronika Suslova wins the 1.500 metres event of the Neo Seniors in 2.05,87. Second place went to Czech Republic and Natalie Kerschbaummayr (2.07,21). Kazakh Valeria Chadova takes the bronze medal

+++Betti scores 5th win for Italy in Innsbruck+++

The Italian team is still on the way to have a perfect weekend at the Junior World Cup. Francesco Betti wins the fifth Gold medal for the squadra azzurra in Innsbruck. In 1:52.43 he leads the Men's 1.500 field ahead of Russian Aleksandr Podolskii and Paul Galczinsky of Germany, who secures his first World Cup podium

Francesco Betti (ITA), 1st place Junior Men 1500m

"It is an unbelievable weekend so far. We are in a good shape. Maybe we are not the biggest team in this competition but we have a lot of quality"

Paul Galczinsky (GER), 3rd place Junior Men 1500m

"I was worried that I miss the podium again but finally I scored. It is a lovely feeling and I'm so glad to have earned my first medal"

+++Leerdam strikes again over 1.500m+++

Dutch Skater Jutta Leerdam wins at the Junior Ladies 1.500m ahead of teammate Joy Beune and Polish Karolina Bosiek. Impressive Victoria Stirnemann finishes fourth. The daughter of former World Class skater Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann is 15 years old and the youngest participant in the ladies junior field.

+++ Russia vs China at the Men's Neo-Senior 500m +++

Viktor Mustakov from the Russian Federation wins in 36.22 seconds ahead of An Liu from China. Artem Zolotarev took the third place. Tao Yang finished fourth. All four skaters are separated by only half a second

+++ Kaja Ziomek wins Neo-Senior Sprint +++

Polish skater Kaja Ziomek proved, that she is the faster neo-senior on this weekend at Innsbruck. She wins in a time of 40.52 ahead of Chinese Dan Bai and teammate Andzelika Wojcik.

+++ Italy on the way to a perfect junior weekend +++

Italian Jeffrey Rosanelli wins the Men's Junior 1.000 World Cup race at Innsbruck. In a tough battle he beats Ruslan Zakharov by only two hundredths of a second.

Jeffrey Rosanelli (ITA), 1st place Junior Men 500m

"Our success is based on the hard trainings we made and the effort we put in tis season. We have a good team and we are used to skate on open ice"

Ruslan Zakharov (RUS), 2nd place Junior Men 500m

"I'm not sad about loosing by this small gap. I'm looking forward to win at Salt Lake City. I like fast ice and I'll show them my best performance"

+++ First individual gold for Femke Beuling in the JWC series +++

Femke Beuling of The Netherlands won her first ever individual gold medal in the Junior World Cup Series. She was followed by her teammate Jutta Leerdam while China's Nan Sun took the bronze.

Femke Beuling (NED), 1st place Junior Ladies 500m:
"It was really cold today. I missed the sunshine. Most of the time it is a tough battle between me and Jutta Leerdam. This time I won and it is my first World Cup win of my career. Hopefully not the last."

Jutta Leerdam (NED), 2nd place Junior Ladies 500m:

"I had a terrible start and it wasn't my best race of the season. As I'm an allround specialist I have a lot of chances in the other disciplines as well."

+++ Poland and China on the top in Neo Senior Team Sprint +++

Polish Neo Senior Ladies were the best in Innsbruck today in Team Sprint, beating Czech Republic and Belarus. Among men it seems it was a good deal for the Chinese to came to Europe as they took the gold, leaving Russia in the 2nd and Austria in the 3rd place.

Andzelika Wojcik (POL), 1st place Neo Senior Ladies Team Sprint:

The conditions are pretty good and the ice is better than yesterday, so we have hoped for good times, but we did not expect to win.

Kaja Ziomek (POL), 1st place Neo Senior Ladies Team Sprint:

We gave our all, everything that we could. We were training separately in different places all season long, we had no timet o train together for Team Spint, but we did what we could. We have a new rink, the only indoor in Poland, called Tomaszow Mazowiecki Rink, and we had quite a lot of time to prepare there for the season. We hope that next season we will have more chance to race in Team Sprint, and I also hope that next season, after the Olympic Next season there will be more skaters in our category, and the competitions will be tougher for the Neo Seniors. 

Iga Wojtasik (POL), 1st place Neo Senior Ladies Team Sprint:

I was glad it wasn’t that windy today. Our result was a nice surprise for ourselves. This is my first season among seniors, and we were also racing in the senior World Cup, it is all new for me, it is about learning and experiencing. For me 1st time senior world cup so I am learning, experiencing. The Neo Senior age group is not so strong, but when we earn a medal, it gives us hope for the next comeptition.

Floris Root (AUT), 3rd place Neo Senior Men Team Sprint:

I was born in The Netherlands but my mother has Austrian passport, and in the Netherlands the competition is too big, but I knew there was a good team in Austria, that is why I decided to skate for them. But I am still training in the Netherlands, I am only coming here to Innsbruck for training camps. This is the first season I can race for Austria, I had to take a gap year from competitions to be able to switch nationality. We were lucky with the weather today, the sun was shining and we barely had any wind. The ice conditions were perfect, nd the organization was also good.  We could only try the start of the team sprint once, and just the first 50 meters. I didn’t even know which countries will be competing here, so I didnt really know what was possible, but I think we did a great job, it was a good race. Tomorrow I still have both the 500 and the 1500m races, I hope the weather will be good again, and I can skate well, with good technics. We will see what it is enough for.

Gabriel Odor (AUT), 3rd place Neo Senior Men Team Sprint:

This was our first timet o try the Team Sprint event, we didn’t even have too much timet o practice, so it was a very good first time, a good start, I think we did a good work together. If we work more, it is possible to improve.  I hope for a good 500m race tomorrow, better than two weeks ago at the Austrian Sprint Championships. In mass start I hope I can make it to the podium – in Inzell I have finished 3rd at the previous Junior World Cup, so I would like to reach the same result at least.

+++ 3rd race, 3rd gold for Italy +++

Italian junior men seem to be really strong these days - after winning the 1000m and the 3000m single races, their team took the gold in Team Sprint as well, ahead of Russia and Germany.

+++ World Record Holder Dutch trio still unbeatable +++ 

After their World Record in Inzell, Femke Beuling, Jutta Leerdam and Joy Beune Ladies' Team Sprint grabbed the gold again in the second stage of the Junior world Cup series. Poland came second, Russia finished with bronze medal.

Joy Beune (NED), 1st place Junior Ladies Team Sprint:

„The circumstances were really good today, the sun was shining, but the ice was a little soft due to the warm weather. We raced pretty well as a team. We expected to win, we had to! We won in Inzell with world record so we built up the race exactly the same way. If you skate world record, the strategy is good, so we didn’t change it. But of course, you never know. Someone can fall, something might happen.

Femke Beuling (NED),1st place Junior Ladies Team Sprint:

The key to race so well together is to train on it, because we don’t skate with each other normally. For the Team Sprint we have to, and that is the start. Before the races we usually talk, to make sure we all know what to do. I really enjoyed the race today,it is not usual to skate outside for me, and last time was five years ago, so it was special.

+++ Home supporters cheer Austria's Linus Heidegger to victory +++ 

Czech Natálie Kerschbaumayr and Austria's Linus Heidegger wins Neo Senior 3000m gold medals. Among Ladies Russian Anastasiia Zueva raced to silver and 1000m winner Veronika Suslova took the bronze. in Men's races behind home favourite Ruunar Njaatun Kroeyer from Norway finished 2nd and Alamasi Kahanbai came in 3rd.

Natalie Kerschbaummayr (CZE), 1st place Neo Senior Ladies 3000m:

This was my first time to race in the Neo Senior World Cup, so I did not have any goals, it was a surprise result for me. I hoped I was going to be under 4:30, and I have finished with 4:24, which is really good. My personal best is 4:17, but I did it in Calgary, which is indoor. The ice here is a little bit slower, but I really like outdoor rinks like Innsbruck or Collalbo, so it is not a problem. We don’t have a track in the Czech Republic, so we have to go to Inzell or Collalbo. I train together with Martina Sablikova, and she is really motivating, she helps me a lot. As for tomorrow, I am not a sprinter so 500m will be just fun for me, and then on 1500m we will see what the other girls can do. The mass start... It is hard to predict, it always brings something unexpected. Now I am substitute for mass start at the Olympics, so I can see a perspective for myself ont he long run – my main goal is to make it to the Olympic Games.  

Linus Heidegger (AUT), 1st place Neo Senior Men 3000m: 

It was really nice to skate in Austria, on my home track – it is always really special. The U23 World Cup is a good format for young skaters who are not yet on the level of the normal, senior World Cups. I was looking forward to this event and I am happy with the result. I hoped for a win and it is really nice that I got this result. I was racing in Erfurt last week at the senior World Cup and I already new that my shape was quite good. This is the last tournament before a little build-up ahead of the Olympic Games – I have 4 weeks left until then. I am happy with my shape now, and i can still improve for the Olympics and then the Allround World Championships in Amsterdam. Tomorrow I will race the 1500m and the mass start, and I dont know what to expect. I hope for podium again, but I am more of a long distance skater, and 1500m is still a bit too fast, I prefer the 3k and the 5k distances. In the mass start I hope Ican show my best and hopefully take one more medal. I see it as a good race and a good experience for the Olympics, because every mass start is different, and I am looking forwart to it. I hope the weather will be good again tomorrow, Innsbruck is a nice track and everyone loves skating here, which makes me quite proud.

+++ Francesco Betti grabs second medal winning Junior Men 3000m  +++ 

Italian Francesco Betti won junior men's 3000m races ahead of Russia's Aleksandr Podolskii and Norway's Ole Hallgeir Engebraaten.

Francesco Betti (ITA), 1st place 3000m Junior Men:

"I am so happy now, with the gold medal of the 3000. It is much different effort to race long distance, and we train a lot to be able to handle longer distances. My startegy is always to give my all, but I have started faster then usually, I had 2-3 seconds of atvantage after the first 3-4 laps and it was enough to win. I was really tired in the end, I don’t know how I can handle it. But really, I always try to give my all in."

Aleksandr Podolskii (RUS), 2nd place 3000m Junior Men:

„I’m so happy right now! My first Junior World Cup was in Inzell. Before this event, we had a nice training camp in Moscow, it was hard.  We are preparing for the Junior World Championships, that is our main goal and now I am happy for this silver medal. I don’t like open air ice rinks, it is not my thing. I was born in Kolomna, and we have the best stadium in the world. It may not be the fastest ice, but deifinitely the best venue. I am satisfied with my shape now, tomorrow I will skate on my strongest distance, the 1500m and I will try to win. As for the junior world championships, I expect gold medals from myself.”

Ole Hallgeir Engebraaten (NOR), 3rd place 3000m Junior Men:

It’s great fun to be competing with other skaters from different nations. I had a lot of competitions against my teammates, other Norwegian skaters. This is my second world cup and I did not have too much international experience earlier, but I was skating in Thialf at an event before. I always hope for good result but it is really special for me to have won this medal here. However, this isn’t the most important event for me, we are training for the junior world championships and we had a tough two-weeks training period before this world cup, and I am not in my top shape yet. But of course, I am happy with where I am now. I like to race outside, it is really good, I love to go outside. I love the sun and it is really beautiful here with the big mountains.

+++ Polish Karolina Bosiek takes gold on 3000m in Junior Ladies' +++

Karolina Bosiek took the gold in Junior Women's 3000m races with Joy Beune of the Netherlands winning her second silver medal today, and Norway's Ragne Wiklund coming 3rd.

+++ Russia rules Neo Senior 1000m races +++

Both gold medals went for Russia as Veronika Suslova among Ladies and Viktor Lobas among men prooved to be the best in Neo Senior 1000m races. Andzelika Wójcik and Kaja Ziomek took silver and bronze for Poland in women's competition, meanwhile in men's Viktor Mushtakov of Russia finished 2nd and Jeremias Marx of Germany got the bronze.

Jeremias Marx (GER), 3rd place 1000m Men:

„I’m just 20 years old and this is my first Neo Senior World Cup. I have started to race two years ago, and I never got a shot before in the Junior World Cup series. My first ever world cup was seniors this season. It is really important to have the neo senior races, because the competition is huge in seniors and and it is hard to qualify for the normal world cups and keep up the racing experiences. In Erfurt at the seniors’ I was racing in B category, and the podium was decided by 0,003 seconds. I was only 0,5 seconds behind the winner, and finished in 10th place. I have kind of expected the podium result from myself because I had pretty good results this season so far. Had I been there in Inzell, I could have been on the podium, too. We also race in the team event and we would like to win, and I hope for a podium finish on 500m, too. My greatest rivals here are the Russians, and I have to compete tough against my own teammates, too.”

+++ Double win for Italy on Junior Men 1000m +++

Jeffrey Rosanelli was unbeatable today' in the 1000m races. Silver goes to another Italian, Francesco Betti, while Stef Brandsen of the Netherlands took the 3rd place.

Jeffrey Rosanelli (ITA), 1st place 1000m Men:

"We only have two tracks in Italy, one in Collalbo and another in Baselga. We use Collalbo just for racing sometimes, and we all train in Baselga in an outdoor rink and we have basically the same conditions like here. Sunny but cold, sometimes windy. This might be a winning point for us now, because we are used to it, this is normal for us, meanwhile the other skaters train on the fast ice of indoor rinks. I did not expect this result from myself. I thought I would be around top 5 because Japan and the South Koreans are not here, but I did not think of a gold medal. It is a good sign, because I am a sprinter, even here I was the fastest in the first two laps. As I did so well on 1000m, I can hope for gold on 500, as well, but my main goal is just to skate well, and if the medal is coming again, I will be double that happy!"

Francesco Betti (ITA), 2nd place 1000m Men:

"The key to our good result is hard work. I feel like I am in good shape, and my best races are yet to come, I am more of a long distance runner, my muscles are different type of a sprinter’s. I will skate the 3000m today, and I was 2nd in Inzell, so I hope I will finish on podium again. We will also race the Team Sprint, and we are striving for a good result. My favourite distance is the 1500 tomorrow. We know it is usually the Dutch who perform the best, but not today! For them, this is a national sport, they have a lot of skaters they can select their national team from. We are only about 300 skaters in Baselga, a small, but strong team, good skaters. I have started skating with my friends in school, most of them have already stopped, I continued – but no regrets!"

+++Jutta Leerdam of The Netherlands wins Junior Ladies 1000m +++

All Oranje podium as World Cup leader Jutta Leerdam of the Netherlands wins 1000m junior ladies races with Joy Beune taking the silver and Elisa Dul grabbing the bronze medal.

Jutta Leerdam (NED), World Cup Leader, 1000m Ladies 1st place:

„I thought it would be worse to race open air but it was all right, and eventually everybody has the same circumstances. The sun was shining and the wind wasn’t too strong. My form is okay, but I’m still not at my absolute best. I haven’t particularly prepared for this World Cup, my main goal is to do my best at the junior world championships. I want to become the overall World Cup winner, but it is not the most important. However, it is great that im already so strong. We will also race in the team sprint today and I think we will win it. I would also like to finish on the top of the podium tomorrow on 500 and on 1500 as well, but if I don’t manage to, it is not the end of the world, I have to be in top shape for the Worlds.”


The full event of the 2nd ISU Junior and Neo-Senior World Cup at Innsbruck will be broadcasted live via https://livestream.com/sportevents/JWC2018. Tune in from 09:20 on Saturday and Sunday!